viernes, 31 de octubre de 2008

A Healing Among Nations - Creating Connections Between Cultures and Countries

“Maslow said that our most basic needs are for food, clothing and shelter. We have found that the need to tell one’s story, to be heard, to be respected during a time of great shame at the hands of war, trauma and inequities is an equal, if not a greater, need.” – Bonnie Mansdorf, founder and Executive Director, Foundation for a Healing Among Nations

The phrase East meets West can have many meanings. It can signify, quite literally, the blending of Eastern and Western ways of living, healing modalities, and philosophies. It can also mean, in more general terms, a meeting in the middle of different viewpoints and beliefs. Buddhism as well promotes this “middle way.” In a world ripe with genocide, war, extreme economic disparity and environmental crisis, how can individuals and nations find a common ground? Perhaps it lies within the common humanity that exists between and within all human beings.

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